What is a “Whiplight”?

The general definition is an illuminated flag antenna (whip). Mostly used in off-road, construction and mining applications to provide an additional degree of safety when the vehicles are used at night, or in areas where shadows could impair normal visibility. They also look really cool.

What’s the difference between the Whiplights Brand and other brands?

The Whiplights Brand lighted whip was derived from a need we saw in the industry. Durability. Most of the other brands utilize an LED light strip either going up a plastic tube or wrapped around a fiberglass whip or CB antenna. The other thing that most of the other brands have in common is that they don’t last. We are sure you have seen the ones with patches of lights not working randomly up and down the whip! They don’t stand up to the abuse.

Ours are different because we use a high powered LED light engine base, then we use fiber optics to evenly distribute the light up the whip. You will never have a terrible looking spotty, half lit whip with ours. We then couple that with a true quick disconnect (just like an air hose) so that you can easily remove the stick portion before loading up, or putting your car in the garage. Another advantage to our design is that because we don’t have the LED’s going up the whip we can customize the length to the customers specifications from 6 inches to 6 feet! You can also have a longer set of whips for the days at the dunes, and a set of shorts for when you are in the trees!

Why do the other brands look brighter during the day?

An LED (light emitting diode) is a directional light source. If you are looking at a diode straight on that is when the light is most intense. Move off to the side and it appears to fade. It isn’t the light or amount of light that fades, it is the eyes perception of the amount of light. The diode is putting out the same amount of light, however your eyes tell you it is getting dimmer because you are not looking directly into the diode. The brands with the LED strips wrapped up the whip appear brighter during the day because no matter where you look, you are looking directly at a diode. The downside to those brands is that at night looking into the intensity of the diodes straight on can cause a visual impairment for other drivers and cause some people to see spots.

Because of our single light source you don’t have those issues. Our light engines produce an extremely bright and even light diffused up the fiber optics that despite the high intensity is easy to look at.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, all of our lighting products are IP68 or IP67 rated.

For more information on IP ratings go here.


Do you warranty your products?

Most of our products carry a 1 year limited warranty.

For detailed warranty information please go here.

Where can I find your products?

Currently you can find us at the Moto Zoo location in St. George, Utah  Click this link to visit their website.

You can also find us at various UTV/ATV rally’s.

If you are interested in becoming a Whiplights dealer please visit our Contact Page.

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