Superior durability. Bright even light output.

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Superior durability compared to regular LED whips. Bright even light output.

The Whiplights Brand lighted whip was derived from a need we saw in the industry. Durability. Most of the other brands utilize an LED light strip either going up a plastic tube or wrapped around a fiberglass whip or CB antenna. The other thing that most of the other brands have in common is that they don’t last. We are sure you have seen the ones with patches of lights not working randomly up and down the whip! They don’t stand up to the abuse.
Ours are different because we use a high powered LED light engine base, then we use fiber optics to evenly distribute the light up the whip. You will never have a terrible looking spotty, half lit whip with ours. We then couple that with a true quick disconnect (just like an air hose) so that you can easily remove the stick portion before loading up, or putting your car in the garage. Another advantage to our design is that because we don’t have the LED’s going up the whip we can customize the length to the customers specifications from 6 inches to 6 feet! You can also have a longer set of whips for the days at the dunes, and a set of shorts for when you are in the trees!

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